Inverse Protocol

Dashboard / App


Utilities are essential for a successful project. Our smart contract already has many features that will ensure a balanced ecosystem, but Inverse Protocol focuses on decentralized utilities that will continue to expand and complement the ecosystem.

Rewards Dashboard / App

Our rewards app was built with state of the art tech and is running flawlessly.
You will be able to oversee the following statistics:
  • INVERSE Price
  • Market Cap
  • Circulating Supply
  • Next Rebase Time
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap
  • Total Supply
  • BNB Liquidity Value
  • Market Value of Treasury Assets
  • Number of Holders
  • Market Value of the Insurance Fund
  • Burned Tokens
  • Value of Burned Tokens
  • % Burned Token Supply
You can connect your wallet and also track your personal data:
  • Your Balance
  • Current APY
  • Next Rebase Time
  • Your Share
  • Your Earning/Day
  • Your Total Earned Amount
With our calculator, it's child's play to work out how much yield you can expect in a given period of time.